Three New Electric Bikes For 2010

Kalkhoff E-Bike

Now that the e-bike market is maturing in the U.S., I think we’ll be seeing some sophisticated electric bikes released this year. Here are three intriguing e-bikes that have become available so far:

The Eneloop E-Bike by Sanyo

Eneloop Ebike

Eneloop E-Bike

Sanyo has introduced an electric bike called the Eneloop. This pedal-assist bike has a barely noticeable 250 watt motor that is designed to help the rider pedal without effort. It has a step-through frame and large tires — recalling classic three-speed Dutch bikes.

The bike also has regenerative braking that charges the battery. When you use the rear brake lever while riding downhill (over 5 mph) and you’ll start to recharge the battery.

This bike sells for $2300, which is a nice price for a bike of this type. The electric motor integration looks to be first-rate.

Available from Amazon.

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff E-Bike

Kalkhoff E-Bike

A company called Greenlight Bikes has started importing Kalkhoff e-bikes into the U.S. from Germany. Kalkhoff bikes are well known in Europe as great commuter bikes. They use a center-mounted motor that applies power directly to the drive train. They also come with features commuters need on a daily basis including a powerful lighting system, great fenders, chain guards and solid racks.

The bikes are priced from $2500 to $3400, depending on sizes and configurations.

Available from Kalkhoff USA.

OHM Electric Bikes

Ohm 2010 Electric Bike

Ohm 2010 Electric Bike

Based in British Columbia, OHM Cycles specializes in high-end electric bicycles. They’ve updated their bikes for 2010. The bikes feature 37V 10Ah lithium-magnesium batteries, regenerative braking and 350W BionX motors. Another nice feature is an LCD command console that displays speed, remaining battery charge, and level of assistance or regeneration.

Price ranges from $3300 to $3800.

Available from OHM Cycles.

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