170MPG Hybrid Scooters By Piaggio


The maker of the popular Vespa family of scooters, Piaggio, is set to release a new series of scooters called “HyS” which will feature hybrid engines. The bikes will be electric plug-ins, and will boast 85% stronger acceleration. The parallel hybrid engine is remarkably small, requiring no visual modifications to the Vespa LX, Piaggio X8 or MP3 (seen here), while hugely improving the gas mileage of all three. Capable of recharging from a standard 220v European outlet, the scooters can travel up to 12 miles on electricity alone.


The underseat batteries can be recharged on the fly by the engine or through regenerative braking.

Featuring a five-mode switch, riders can choose between three different hybrid modes – optimizing performance, mileage and battery charge – or fully electric and reverse. All other controls remain standard.

The three HyS scooters are currently prototypes, but expect production to begin next year. Pricing has not been set for the scooters.

Here’s the press release from Piaggio.

Via: AutoBlogGreen and Jalopnik

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  1. There are tri scooters from China that cost around 7-8 thousands plus shipping. I will definitely considering purchasing one if price range is around the same.

  2. However, this thing looks like Batman’s golf bike around his compound.
    Balance and maneuver capability must be excellence with it’s independent suspension and two front wheels will gain better stability on turns.

  3. It’s all about how to network into wants and needs of three hundred million population.
    They are not sure how the economy will evolve yet therefore, the price to this tri-scooter will postpone until they can balance the gas saving factor against the appropriate cost recovery time frame for the general public.
    If it takes too long to recover, half the consumers will rather pay for high gas price and get something they really want, like a Harley or Porche.

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