(Partially) Biodegradeable DVD Player by Sony

dv_no_lg_so_dvpns955vs.jpgThe Sony DVP-NS955 DVD player, recently released in the UK, has 50% vegetable-based plastic parts.

The parts are made of a biopolymer called polylactic acid (PLA). The biopolymer was created by Cargill/Dow, and they have been criticized for using GMO (genetically modified) corn to create the biopolymer, because GMO crops could potentially have devastating effects on the earth’s biodiversity.

Thus any potential metaefficiency due to biodegradeability is negated by the GMO factor. DVD players also contain a host of very non-biodegradeable electronic parts inside, although some manufacturers such as Fujitsu and Canon are attempting to reduce the heavy metals used in the electronics.

Found via: HippyShopper

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