Stirling Power Electric Cooler by Coleman

coleman cooler efficientThis is a very efficient electric cooler based on the free piston Stirling cycle that will maintain freezing temps even in a hot car. The power consumption is only 24 watts. It’s quiet, lightweight and works great. It’s more practical than the portable compressor or propane based freezers. According to Cool Tools, these coolers are quite reliable and last many years. The cooler runs on either 12v or 110v and has a 26 quart capacity.

Available from CostCo for $390.

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  1. Somehow the geniuses at Coleman decided to pull the plug on their super efficient stirling cooler, which leaves us with the usual cadre of useless thermoelectric coolers. What a shame! Any company out there looking to make a few million bucks? Colemans need not apply…

  2. Check Coleman outlet stores. Just picked up one of these coolers, on sale at the Lancaster, PA, outlet, for just over $250.

  3. Look for a Coleman outlet store in your area. I caught a one-day-only 20%-off sale at the Lancaster, PA, outlet, and made off with one of these beauties for just over $250 (listed at $299).

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