Ergonomic Mice

by Justin Thomas •

We’ve collected a selection of ergonomic mice designed to reduce fatigue and RSI (repetitive strain injury). If you are in front of a computer for long periods, these mice might be worth considering.

Evoluent VerticalMouse2The Evoluent VerticalMouse2 has a patented shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position, eliminating forearm twisting. The manufacturer says the mouse remains steady when you press the buttons because the thumb grip balances the clicking actions.

This mouse had an unfavorable review at CNET, although other comments from readers were more favorable.

Available from: Amazon ($59.88)

3m_renaissance_mouse_small.jpgThe 3M Renaissance Mouse is another vertically designed mouse. The mouse stands upright and fits in the hand like a joystick. The stick is molded to fit the hand and has three buttons: Two are controlled by the thumb and one by the middle three fingers. The stick rests on a platform that slides like a standard mouse.

PC Magazine has a favorable review of this mouse.

Available from: Amazon ($79.10)

Home Page: 3M Renaissance

Zero Tension MouseThe Zero Tension Mouse is similar to the 3M Renaissance mouse except that it has a thicker, sculpted base and thicker post which you curl your fingers around. There are two buttons on the side and a scroll wheel on top which also is a left mouse button. There are two sizes available, Medium and Large, and at present is only available for right handed individuals. This device is USB only, and is plug-and-play for both Macintosh and PC systems.

A review from a user of this mouse, mentioned a couple of issues they had with it.

Home Page: Zero Tension Mouse

Available from: Ergo Items ($59.95)

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