A Closer Look At The [re]Drive

I noted the release of the [re]Drive last month — this hard drive is probably the most energy efficient external hard drive available. I was glad to be able to get a hold of one for testing.

The first thing I noticed about this drive, was the packaging, which was minimalistic enough to bring a smile to my face. The box contained no unnecessary plastic and cardboard inserts. Instead there was just a few pieces of tape holding the USB and power cords in place.

The drive itself rested securely in a corrugated recycled cardboard shell. The drive’s “Quick Install Guide” was actually printed on the inside of the box — a clever idea.

My previous hard drive actually died two days before the [re]Drive arrived, so I’ve been using the [re]Drive quite a bit! What I like most about this drive is that it turns itself off automatically. This is an important feature in terms of energy savings. The drive seems to turn itself back on quickly enough, because I didn’t notice any access time lag.

The [re]Drive actually contains an efficient 500 gigabyte Western Digital drive. It has a Energy Star qualified power adapter.

The [re]Drive’s design was created for SimpleTech by Stuart Karten Design (SKD), a Los Angeles based industrial design firm. The external casing is made out of renewable bamboo. It’s an aesthetically pleasing choice, that I’m sure will wear well over the years. The drive’s chassis is made with recycled aluminum. It has an undulating surface that increases the drive’s ability to passively cool itself. Matt McRae, vice president of marketing at Fabrik, said that even the extra pieces of aluminum that are carved off during the manufacturing process are recycled into future products.

The [re]Drive sells for about $160.

Link: [re]Drive

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  1. Looks great and as far i could find on the internet it is really an energysaving drive, but the information is not exact:
    Send them an e-mail but no answer.

    I wrote also about the Kangeroo Eco-Drive and couldn’t find the right information about power use. Guess what? I received a nice reaction from Ken Lee of Kanguru with all information about power consumption in a nice chart: http://www.stichtingmilieunet.nl/andersbekekenblog/?p=5056

    See for yourself this is an amazing energy saver.

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