Efficient Green Hard Drive Released

A company called Fabrik has released an external hard drive called the [re]Drive that it is said to be the world’s most energy efficient. The drive’s cover is a sheet of bamboo — this is good choice for a drive casing, given bamboo’s tensile strength and durability. The drive’s chassis is made with recycled aluminum. It has an undulating surface that increases the drive’s ability to passively cool itself. Matt McRae, vice president of marketing at Fabrik, said that even the extra pieces of aluminum that are carved off during the manufacturing process are recycled into future products.

Fabrik has also attempted to minimize the packaging by using just a small amount of recycled corrugated cardboard. Most of the interior packaging, such as plastic bags and thick manuals, has been eliminated, with just a few pieces of tape holding the extra cords in place. The drive rests securely in another corrugated cardboard shell.

The company chose an energy-saving drive from Western Digital, although future versions may contain drives from other manufacturers. There is no on-off switch — instead, the drive turns itself on and off as required. The drive uses Turbo USB 2.0 to connect to your PC, promising 25% more transfer speed than USB 2.0 alone. The drive comes with an Energy Star-qualified power adapter. The drive itself is 500 gigabytes for and sells for about $160.

Link: [re]Drive

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  1. There’s a typo above: “increases the driver’s ability”, you meant “the drive’s ability”.

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