Ceramic Crock: Efficient Composting

1051252.jpgFrom what we’ve seen, this is the most affordable composting container for kitchen scraps available.

We choose this ceramic container because the interior absorbs odors and resists stains, and is more attractive than a plastic bin on your kitchen counter. The crock holds a gallon of scraps and has a lid with an activiated carbon filter to trap odor than allow air to circulate.

Please let us know if you know of a less expensive or more efficient container. Available from Amazon for about $25.

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  1. Home composter may not be so common in certain countries. Whereas in certain part of the world, kitchen crock are there not only for compostable items, but also for decorative purpose.

  2. $25.
    I thought this site was about efficiency. What happens when you drop this when emptying its wet contents into your compost bin.

    Empty ice cream containers or similar work well, cost nothing and if you put the contents into the compost bin daily do not smell.

    How much compostable material can one domestic kitchen generate in one day anyway?

  3. I have this compost crock. IT’s not the cheapest. You can get it at Gaiam and they also have plastic ones. It is, however, the most design friendly. It looks great on the kitchen counter and NOT like a compost holder. The lid comes with filters that keep smells away, right out in plain site.

  4. I use a five gallon plastic bucket with a airtight lid.

    Works like a charm. I keep it under the counter in the cabinet with recycling. Does not smell at all and holds a lot. Cheap too.

  5. Keep in mind that spinning your clothes at such speeds MIGHT damage the material over the long/short term.

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