Sweet: Jeans Made Out of Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Jeans

A Japanese company is making jeans out of a blend of sugar cane and selvage denim. The cane used is Sweet Sorghum, otherwise known as Sweet Millet. It’s a type of grass grown all over the world for making a molasses-like syrup and animal feed. The Sugarcane jeans that feature this fiber have a faint sweet smell and may have occasional woody tufts poking out of the fabric! Some of the jeans are dyed with persimmon.


They are available from: Rakuten (Japan), Saddlemen (Japan). They can also be found at Amazon.

See also these hemp jeans and another version, and jeans dyed with natural indigo, like the original ones were.

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    1. lindsey and philip are fake reviewers (shills) and clearly the same person. After months of no one posting, they both post within two minutes of each other… COME ON!

      These jeans are way overpriced. Amazon has them for $400+ with $25 for shipping…

  1. the material is totally good, even better than those expensive brands which totally cheat us of our money. furthermore its fits me so well that the girls at the pub cant wait to take it off .

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  3. Wow, that is very cool. Not as pricey as APO Jeans, but totally unique.

    I wonder if that sweet smell fades away with the wash…

  4. Jesus mary Christmas. The US distribuitor has these for over $400 including shipping. What the hell people.

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