Recycled, Biodegradeable Footwear: Solemates

724-b-solemates.jpgMade from recycled newsprint, these remarkable and disposable slippers cost less than 50 cents each. The color is natural and no bleaching agents/chemicals have been used — even the cord and the support tube are made from twisted unbleached paper.

Since winning a bronze prize from the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), Satish Gokahle, the designer of the Solemates, has received interest from manufactures wanting to bring these shoes to market.

Could be used in hospitals, hotels, software industries, religious places, meditation centers, massage parlors, or on aircraft with long flying routes.

Via: Business Week

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  1. Nice idea, but it does still entice people to be wasteful and over consume. How well do these last/wear? These are better than other slippers made from non-renewable sources that are tossed after a few uses. We should be encouraging people to bring their own that last for more than a year. Also, these shoes should not be thought of of as disposable but bio-degradable. Compost them after use.

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