Nike Releases “Considered” Footwear Line

by Justin Thomas •

product_gem.gifNike has released a new line of footwear called “Considered”, which they claim is produced using sustainable manufacturing practices, quite different from the way most athletic shoes are currently made, and quite efficient if their claims are true.

Some examples: 80% less solvents and glues used; simpler designs involving fewer production steps including less stitching; materials are sourced closer to the factories themselves….more details can be found here at Nike’s web site.

The complete line can be seen here.

In the past, Nike has had a questional reputation in regards to its overseas workplace conditions and environmental practices. Hopefully this kind of design rethinking will be incorporated into all their product lines.

Retail locations for the “Considered” line can be found here.

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  1. I think this is really interesting. This part seems to be straight out of Cradle to Cradle: “…we had already found ways to separate shoe components prior to recycling. We pushed on another front: Why not design for disassembly from the very outset?”

    Also interesting for the web nerds is their use of the sIFR technique in the large brown text to the left of the body text. The pages are also written in great standards compliant XHTML/CSS.

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