The Most Efficient Material For Cold Weather: Merino Wool

Smartwool Zip Midlayer Sweater

Merino wool is the most efficient material for cold weather. Merino wool is softer than regular wool, and it feels more like cotton against the skin. Merino wool resists wind and warms better than synthetic materials. It doesn’t absorb odors and it regulates body temperature. It is also produced in a sustainable manner.

The jacket pictured here is the Smartwool Yampa Jacket. It’s designed with a woven wool sueded fabric, and it has a heavy 100% merino wool lining. There is a women’s version of this jacket too. Smartwool sells a whole range merino wool clothing, including summer wear.

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  1. My wife and I use Smartwool socks for hiking, and other stuff like that. Fast drying, no stink (even after a few days hiking with one pair of socks). Great stuff!

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  3. Cyclists in cold weather countries depend on the warmth of the Merino. Besides, it doesn’t stink on sweating like some of the other fibres and synthetic material do. However, I have heard of cases where people have allergy to wool so it must be said that they must first experiment with the clothing before choosing to wear it for greater lengths of time.

  4. I think if you do a little research you’ll find that this is only a partial answer. The thinner the fibre, the warmer the wool type. Hence merino improves on ordinary wool, but cashmere and alpaca seem to be rated better. Not surprisingly, this tends to correlate with price. As ever, you get what you pay for.

  5. You should check out the Ice Breaker (www.icebreaker.com) range from New Zealand – in my view definately the best range of merino wool clothing in the world.

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