Ecoeffective Shoes: Adidas Hemp

Adidas Hemp

When Adidas came out with these hemp shoes a few years back, they were given grief about it by the federal government and chose to rename them from “Superstar Hemp” to “Gazelle Natural”.

Regardless of the politics, hemp is a very durable and “breathes” very well as a shoe material. The soles are made out of recycled rubber — making them metaefficient and completely biodegradable.

These shoes are now available in stores, Amazon.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find Adidas Super Modified in Black with the White Shell Toe for men? I’ve been looking for them for days for my boyfriend and I’m having no luck. Please help!

    1. I want to know too, i bought a pair back in 99 and they were/are my favorite shoes ever! the stripes and soles turned yellow they are so old, and the new supermods dont look the same. they dont come in black suede with white stripes/toes/soles either….

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  3. I have a pairthat I’ve had now for 13 years, they hold up well, a few holes by now but that took about 10 years. I am super excited that I can get a new pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TIME

  4. Why did Adidas make the Hemp shoe limited? That’s so dumb. I’d love a pair of the Superstar II Hemp black/white but they’re impossible to find.

    1. so did anyone find a place where we can buy these shoes ? I am looking for the classic white/balck superstar in hemp for a vegan like me.

  5. I bought a pair on the blue hemp in dublin around 2 years ago. They eventually wore out and now i can’t find them anywhere. they were so cool would do anything to get them back.

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  7. I have been looking for these shoes forever, any know where I can find there Adidas Hemp shoes online. Can’t find them anywhere.

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  9. Dear sir
    im katsuji sakai japanese,i have own shop in bangkok.
    im interest adidas hemp natural color.
    mens us size 9 ,9half,10,10half each size 3pairs
    do you have same design ladys us size x each size 3pair.
    if you have mail me,
    420rockers international co.,lt.
    bangkok thailand
    managingdiector katsuji sakai

  10. Man Adidas Hemp is the crazy stuff I got one pair of these and I feel like jumping all the while in them, They are so simple with a little tag HEMP Damn!
    I hope all these people around me could notice thatwas grass I was wearing.
    I live in Tanzania Hemp is grown almost everywhere.
    Can I be ya agent Here?

  11. Do u got the adidas super star hemp in dark brown or in dark blue with white shell toe cuz, I can’t find them anywhere online or on the steet.I saw a pic in the 35th anniversary adidas collectors a guy that call him self Mr. Thing.I saw those brown hemp and the blue and the black and other color too.I bein looking for these shoe for a long time so if u guys got it or know some one who sell it.let me know

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