Bamboo Clothes

by Justin Thomas •

Bamboo ClothesBamboo Textile sells clothes made out of bamboo fiber. Why bamboo? Well, its one of the softest fabrics in the world &#8212 softer than cotton, and it has a slightly silky sheen. It also very breatheable, which makes its great to wear in spring and summer.

The other advantage of this fabric is that bamboo is a readily renewable resource that does not involve pesticides to grow.

Bamboo is almost exclusively grown in China for textile production. But there is no reason why it could not be grown in other countries too.

Bamboo Textile sells bamboo fiber clothing for very reasonable prices ($10-15 per piece). One interesting item is their 100% bamboo shirts &#8212 these shirts are exceedingly soft and good to wear around the home or in bed.

They sell long and short sleeve shirts, women’s tank tops and scarves.

Web Site: Bamboo Textile

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  3. Awesome products ,i have developed a huge intertest in bamboo in the last few monthes and id like to get into growing in a third world country where it could help so many people with food , housing & clothing issues. Welldone and keep me up to date on new developments .
    All the best from New Zealand .

  4. Hi. Do you have an outlet here in the UK?

    You could do well, with Greenpeace etc advertising your product.

    Ian Mordant

  5. Great products. Go for it. You’re mentioned on the UN ENN site today. Congrats.


  6. Bamboo Textile is the premier company in the United States devoted exclusively to the sale of the highest quality bamboo fiber products at the best possible prices. Our current product line includes bamboo fiber, yarn, shirts and scarves, with many more products in the works. We also offer silkscreening services and private label development. Our office is located in Southern California, however, all transactions with Bamboo Textile are factory-direct from our location in Suzhou, China.

  7. The other advantage of this fabric is that bamboo is a readily renewable resource that does not involve pesticides to grow.


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