Cool Green Clean Kit

by Justin Thomas •

Green Clean Kit

This attractive cleaning kit features biodegradeable components.

The ecological heavy duty counter cleaner takes out stains on a whole variety of surfaces, while the heavy duty home cleaner works wonders for floors, walls and furniture. The natural carpet deodorizer is specially designed to eliminate odors impregnated in carpets and thick fabrics, and it fills the room with a lavender mint scent, too. The botanical room and fabric deodorizer, on the other hand, has a blue lavender scent and does the same for cushions, curtains and upholstery. And finally, the microfiber wipe completes the set and can clean and polish all types of surfaces. The whole set fits in the handy wooden carrying box that you can reuse as a toolbox, toy box and more.

Available from: Uncommon Goods ($24)

Found via NOTCOT, which also has round-up of other green cleaners out there.

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