Biodegradable Dish Scrubbers and Brushes


Made from thin ribbons of fine-grit sandpaper, these biodegradable scrubbers come from Japan. They are called “Sandclean Scrubbers” and they are said to outperform regular sponges and steel wool. They are quite durable and do not beak apart. They work well on tea or coffee stains in teapots and cups. Also shown here is a Tawashi Brush — it’s a natural scrub brush made from palm fibers which are tightly bound with thick wire. It is a great utensil for scrubbing root vegetables and other items without bruising the skins.

The Sandclean and theTawashi Brush are available from Korin for $7.50 to $8.50. The Tawashi Brush is also available from Simply Natural Foods.

Found via WorldChanging.

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  1. Hi,
    Interesting product, I would like sampal of your product. Where can I get it from.

  2. Sir,
    I am a Tawashi scrubbing Brush manufacture in Sri Lanka. I have about 45 workers in my Factory, I am in a possition to Export above mention items with a good price. So please help me suply you a order, & I can send you sample brushes as soon as possible

    My Tel 033 22 60368
    Mobile 0773452791

    Thank You
    A Morapitiya
    CEO Winlanka.

  3. Who are the manufacturers? I would like to speak with them about the bio-degradable sand-paper they use.

    Please forward on any information you may have.

    Thank you.
    Clive Kaicer

  4. Tawashi are great, and easy to use… But the US pricing on them is almost frightening!
    They run about 25 cents a piece in Japan, and I have no doubt that you could pick one up for less than a dollar at any Japanese foods store.

    I love using my tawashi to scrub the skins OFF of vegetables. With the right amount of pressure, it seems to be able to take the skin off without damaging anything else. I can clean and peel potatoes without any waste. You can also often wash the dishes using only water.

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