MIT Says Relax & Recharge On A Solar Powered Rocker

MIT's Solar Powered Recharging Soft Rockers

MIT's Solar Powered Recharging SOFT Rockers

Architecture students at MIT, led by Professor Sheila Kennedy, recently unveiled their latest design for the Massachusetts’ based school’s 150th anniversary Festival of Art+Science+Technology (FAST). These solar powered SOFT rockers allow you to plug in and recharge your USB device while relaxing outdoors. With a soft wood construction, the rocker makes use of the balance from human body weight to create an interactive 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system.

MIT's Solar Powered SOFT Rockers At Night

MIT's Solar Powered SOFT Rockers At Night

Also incorporated into the design is a 12-ampere-hour battery that harvests and stores solar power during the day for use during nighttime hours. A strip of light can be turned on after the sun goes down that runs along the interior of the lounger. The charging stations were on display at the university’s Killian Court for students to gather while having the convenience of plugging in.

SOFT Rockers Charge Any USB Device

SOFT Rockers Charge Any USB Device

Time will tell if these solar loungers will make it to production, either as is or in a more polished form, but they could add a touch of efficiency and innovation to the average backyard.

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Images: MIT

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