Levy Design: Side Chair

Designer Cardboard ChairThis chair, designed by Josh Levy, and inspired by the earlier works of Frank
Gehry, is constructed with recycled corrugated
. The surface is soft
and brushed to feel like suede. Corrugated fiberboard consists of
linerboard (the flat exterior) and flute (arched
and sandwiched in between). When the two are adhered together,
they resist bending from all directions.

Designer: Josh Levy
Website: Vivavi
Price: $345


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  1. dear sir,
    please introduce me first,I am a businessman,Yunistia from Indonesia.I just read your article about corrugated furniture and I interested verymuch of that.
    May i ask you detail performance of those picture including how many layers,what coating use for those suface and would you mind to give a little sample?
    I need them all before I decide to buy those product.
    I am so gladfull for your attention.Thank you verymuch.I am waiting for your respons as soos as possible.



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