Desktop Computers

Mint: A Free, Easy-To-Use Operating System

I’ve converted my Apple computers to run Mint Linux in place of OS X. Mint Linux was built to be easy to install and a system that novice users could enjoy. Based on Ubuntu, Mint became the poplar desktop version of Linux this year.

Linux is a free, open-source operating system that been around for 30 years. It’s not widely used in the U.S. on personal computers except by enthusiasts. However, it’s a very stable system, and it’s used to run many of the top websites including Google, Facebook, Youtube and Yahoo.

I like Linux because every application is free to use, and the applications tend to work better than their commercial rivals (here’s a list of some of the best free apps). You can find free Email apps, Office apps, Image Editors, Media Players and Photo Managers for Mint, even a replacement for Garage Band.  There is really no compelling reason to stick with OS X.

Mint features a great looking interface, automatic system updates, and a App Manager that makes installing applications quite easy. Mint also includes built-in Flash and MP3 support which many other Linux system do not include, and the installation of these elements tends to stop novice users in their tracks.

Link: Mint

The Greenest Desktop Computers

At MetaEfficient I’ve been waiting for years to review some exciting green computers, and now finally in 2008, we’ve seen the introduction of some truly green PCs. Although the components of green PCs cost about 10% more than regular PCs, they retail for about the same price. You can jump ahead and see our list of the greenest PCs. Or you can read about the details of the green rating processes.Read more