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by Justin Thomas •

Zap! Smart CarZAP, an electric vehicle company, is offering a 60 mpg gasoline powered SMART Car. The company says the SMART City Coupe has an impressive handling and a stylish, roomy interior for two passengers. The SMART Car is popular in Europe, so ZAP is bringing the Americanized version that is a U.S. compliant direct import automobile.

Pricing runs between $12,000 for the cheapest model, and just over $20,000 for a convertible with all the available extras.

Zap SMART CarCanadian drivers will get 70 mpg SMART cars because they’re diesels, not gasoline-powered. The U.S. has “stricter emissions standards” and ironically this will keep the more fuel efficient diesel vehicle from being sold here.

The Canadian models use what’s called common rail diesel, a technology that’s cleaner than older diesel engines. The top speed is 75 mph and prices start around $12,100 for the coupe and $15,170 for the cabriolet.

Here is a diagram of the car’s safety features.

Here is an article about the SMART Cars.

Zap! Home Page: ZapWorld

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  1. The 40 mpg figure was based on tests in the UK because apparently Zap couldn’t convert liters/km to US. They forgot(?) that the UK Imperial gallon is larger. In fact I was talking to the EPA AnnArbor smog lab when the Zap smart was being tested. The result was 34 city/Hwy. I talked to S Schneider about this problem at the time of introduction. The whole Zap debacle was about pumping up the stock. Dealers interested were paying $50,000 for a franchise, some gave Schneider SUV’s to sell at his used car lot. Reno NV had 3 franchises awarded ! A sad story. The smart forTwo transportation module deserved more. In 2016 monthly sales of the ugly replacement are less than Bentley and the used car values for them is dropping rapidly. The party is over and the US buying public is moving on. The Fiat 500 and smart (?) are mere footnotes and not game changers.

  2. I receive Zap Car’s newsletter. Their most recent newsletter advertised the SMART car as having 40 mpg rather than 60 mpg, which is the mileage in the original design. There have been a number of lawsuits regarding the distribution of this car in the USA as well as over how the engine would be “converted” to meet US emissions standards. On the other hand, from a safety perspective, they are incredibly safe.

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