Volvo Unveils A Plug-In Hybrid


Volvo is unveiling an innovative plug-in hybrid at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The ReCharge Concept is a specially designed Volvo C30 with individual electric wheel motors and batteries that can be charged via a regular electrical outlet. When fully charged the Volvo ReCharge Concept can be driven approximately 62 miles on battery power alone before the car’s four-cylinder 1.6 Flexifuel engine1 is needed to power the car and recharge the battery. The concept car also retains the Volvo C30’s lively and sporty drive thanks to an acceleration figure of 0-62mph in 9 seconds and a top speed of 100mph.



The only extra cost will be the electricity used during charging. The Volvo ReCharge Concept can be charged at any regular electric plug socket at convenient locations such as at home or work and a full recharge will take three hours. However, even a quick one hour charge provides enough power to cover just over 30 miles.

During a journey the combustion engine starts up automatically when 70 percent of the battery power has been used up. However, the driver also has the option of controlling the four-cylinder Flexifuel engine manually via a button in the control panel. This allows the driver to start the engine earlier in order to maximise battery charge, for instance when out on a motorway in order to save battery capacity for driving through the next town.

Via: Jalopnik

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  1. And if Volvo ever hear of the concept or switch offable lights, it may even prove sensible . Although the logic of recharging via a carbon fueled engine would be far less efficient than the plug in bit.

  2. Hi…Please let us know ASAP when we can buy two. My husband and I currently own two Volvos, a XC90-06’and a V70. We love our Volvos however,we love our planet even more. We are ready to purchase the Toyota Prius however are willing to wait for a Volvo hybrid if it is no more than a six mo. to a year wait.

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