VentureOne: Three-Wheel Plug-In Hybrid Gets 100MPG

by Justin Thomas •

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The VentureOne is another three-wheeling electric vehicle that has been given a green light to go into production. The vehicle seats two and is capable of 100 miles per hour while maintaining its 100 miles per gallon fuel efficiency going from 0 – 60 in a respectable 6 seconds. It can also tilt almost 45º in turns. The total range is between 300 – 350 miles which is equivalent to most compact cars like the Civic and Corolla.


The price is also reasonable: $18,000 for the hybrid drive Venture E50, up to $23,000 for the all-electric drive Venture EV.

It was created by California’s VentureVehicles by the BMW Group Designworks USA.

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  1. can they produced in the cheaper one? in indonesia they will be very best selling if they are produced with more cheaper price…thank you….
    and one more, here, many teacher go to teach in the early morning and in uncertain weather, just like now days. thank you anyway

  2. How is $18,000 for the hybrid drive Venture E50, up to $23,000 for the all-electric drive Venture EV reasonable? What keeps the gas guzzling, polluting cars on the road is that I can get one cheaper than the electrics or hybrids. How is that supposed to entice us into getting one? Most people don’t do the math of the long term cost of gas, we are looking at the cost of it now and if I get a cheap car, in a few years, the cost would be the same when I add the gas, then it’s time to trade it in anyway.

  3. I wonder is it fully electric? if so, how does it get charged? Or it uses gasoline and electric engines?

    Also- the location of the brakes on the front wheel is the worst place to put…. concidering some small to medium puddles as well as small sand pebles the brakes are too close to ground, which might cause quick damages and wears.

    How much does it weight and how stable is it?
    Interms of crashes impact- it’s probably pretty weak as a conventional motorcycle.

    It is very interesting vehicle to look in to!
    I do feel like getting one! It’s only the points I pointed out above that makes me feel little uncertain of it.

    The fact it doesn’t pollute as a regular car, that’s already makes it great!

  4. Venture ONe,
    My Hat is off to you guys. I have been wanting to see someone actually do it …So Smart & Efficient..For commuting.., How much room do you need anyway, and can carry a passenger. SUPER!!
    I am on the East Coast and am very interrsted in what you guys are doing, If I can Sell a plane I’m going to be looking for on eof these keen vehicles, If possible, please keep me posted on what you are doing, or direct me to where I can get on a mailing list. Again Awsome, and time well spent. May God continue to Bless You.
    Sincerely Walt Oneal
    Tideland EMC PAntego NC 800-637-1079 ext 1135

    1. May god continue to bless you? Perhaps you are getting to emotional with your religious rant.

  5. I would love to get my hand on one of these. I do wonder about the safety features though. The car looks rather small and not sure how well it will endure in a direct impact?

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