Rapid-Charging Electric SUV Demonstrated


Recently, Phoenix Motorcars demonstrated their plug-in electric SUV that will go on sale in 2008. The SUV uses AltairNano’s fast-charge lithium-ion battery technology for power. The vehicle has a top speed of about 100 miles per hour, and its range is about 250 miles. Here’s a video of the SUV in action.

Altairnano will offering the SUV for fleet use at first. The range is enough for many commercial applications. With eventual public sales in mind, though, company officials said Altairnano is already talking with Pacific Gas & Electric, California’s largest utility, about a web of “rapid charge stations.” With conventional 480-volt, three-phase service, they could top off batteries during a coffee stop (recharging at home, with the same 220 volts that runs the clothes dryer or stove, would take about five hours).

Via: RGJ.Com

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  1. I think this is a great product. Personally speaking I want the Zap 012E ( an all electric sports car ) I figure that hopefully by the release of the product, a Solar panel roof and Photovoltaic glass can be installed to improve the distance of these cars

    the entry cost of an ‘all electric’ car is huge .. ranging from 60K USD to over 100K USD. and being Canadian, makes it that much harder.

    But as charging stations become available, we can look towards integrating what we already know.

    Plus I would love to be the first to have an all electric car, if I had some place to charge it.

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