Plug-In Hybrid Conversion Packs: 2008

by Justin Thomas •


A lithium-ion battery manufacturer, A123Systems, will begin marketing a kit in 2008 that will convert a regular hybrid car into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, as known as a PHEV. Currently priced at $10,000 (with a $3,500 tax credit), these modules are still expensive for the average car owner. For example, a commuter driving 11,000 miles per year with gas at $3 a gallon, the payback time would be 5.5 years. The payback for a fleet owners is quicker at 2.5 years, against an expected life of 10 or more years. About the conversion kits themselves, A123Systems says:

The Hymotion PHEV module requires minimal modification to the stock vehicle. All necessary components and safety features are integrated and contained within the module, including: batteries, power electronics, crash sensors, power electronics, charger, battery management system, safety sensors and manual-electric interlock. The system does not require removal of the OEM battery pack and can be installed in less than 2 hours, according to the companies.

See this article for more details: Green Car Congress

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    As long as America keeps drilling for OIL then we will always be at the mercy of the BIG INTERNATIONAL OIL COMPANIES and the MIDDLE EASTERN OIL COUNTRIES who hates AMERICA.

    Just Drilling for oil: Thats like giving an alcoholic a beer for breakfast…

    The only possible way out of this huge mess is the Plug in ELECTRIC CAR. But, the big problem is the BATTERY TECH. and thats where this POST IS DIFFERENT than most.

    I suggested we go after Chevron’s Battery patent rights. Chevron will not market these batteries for PLUG-IN ELECTRIC CARS or sell the patent. SO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT MUST JUMP IN AND TAKE IT.

    WHY DO YOU THINK CHEVRON OIL COMPANY BOUGHT THIS SUPER CAR BATTERY PATENT RIGHTS FROM STUPID GENERAL MOTORS (this is the dumbest thing General Motors ever done and I am sure they are very sorry now)?

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  2. Yes – but the big 3 won’t be prodded to do it themselves until they see that there is enough interest in it which we can show by buying these things.

    It also blows a whole in their argument that “the batteries won’t work” when people have these things in their garage.

  3. The only way plug-in hybrids will succeed is if the car manufacturers begin offering them. A $10,000 conversion pack will never fly – just way too expensive.

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