Lithium-Powered Electric Car Now Available In U.K.


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This month sees the launch of the Elettrica, the first production electric car on the UK market with the option of a lithium power supply. The car is said to provide almost twice the range of other small electric cars at 70 miles. Lithium-ion batteries are more commonly found in laptops and mobile phones. They offer higher performance, but have yet to become commonplace due to cooling and battery life problems.

The Elettrica is available from Future Vehicles, the exclusive distributor. Drivers in the U.K. will be exempt from the London congestion charge and from road tax, and will enjoy free parking in Westminster, the City and many other parts of London.

The car combines Italian styling and design, Japanese engineering and British electronics, and will be available in lead-battery and lighter, longer-lasting lithium-battery versions, the latter offering a maximum speed of 45 mph. the lead-acid battery offers a 40-mile range and a maximum 40 mph.

The Elettrica has an aluminium safety cage, disc brakes, front and rear impact bars and has undergone front and side crash-testing.

The Elettrica is priced at £9,950 for the lead-battery powered version and at £12,750 for the lithium powered version.Prices also include registration and delivery to any London address. Future Vehicles makes no mention of the lithium battery overheating problems which have affected some laptop computers, and reportedly delayed Toyota’s adoption of lithium ion batteries for its third-generation Prius hybrid car.

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  1. What happened to the “EV1.? It was made by the Saturn division of GM and had a 100 mile range. Everyone who leased one loved it and wanted to buy the car out right. The giant oil companies put the brakes on that (no pun intended). They wanted us to be reliant on the petro companies.. Shame on them.. Find the documentary “Who killed The Electric car? It is very enlightening .

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  3. Great car, but 40 mph on motorways? I’d willingly buy and use one of these to drive the 35 miles to work every day, but it’s motorway all the way and it could cause frustration and anger tootling along at 40 mph. So not for me – sadly.

  4. Great Car. I looked for the company, and could not find it under the names in the article. Anyone have the website address? As far as needing the grid to charge, I would guess that portable solar panels for off the grid charging are very close. Evergreen solar is now offering this type panel, and take a close look at those roadside highway signs (like the construction signs) that are movable, and at the top of many you will see a solar panel powering them. I am also seeing these panels powering things such as parking lot pay stations. I’m sure rooftop panels (car, as in the prius) or rear window mounting are also in the near future. It would seem that a good system right away would be a panel that stores in the back of the car to be taken out, put on and locked onto a mount built into or added onto the roof of the car, and plugged into a cigerette type outlet in the car. After buying the panel, free fuel for 20 or 30 years.

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