Google To Spend $10 Million On Electric Cars


Wow, this is great news for those of us who would like to see electric cars go mainstream. Yesterday, Google switched on the 1.6 megawatts solar roof on its corporate campus. The roof will provide about one third of the company’s electricity. Google also announced plans to accelerate the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Google.Org is awarding $1 million in grants to projects related to plug-in hybrid cars, and has announced plans to award a further $10 million in grants. Google has also unveiled a new employee parking garage where drivers can charge their plug-in cars, powering up their batteries using solar energy.


Because automobile manufacturers aren’t producing plug-ins, Google is converting hybrid cars into plug-ins. So far, it has converted four Toyota Prius and two Ford Escapes. On its RechargeIT web site, Google is posting data on the performance of the cars. Eventually, the company plans to have 100 such plug-in cars that employees who take public transportation to the office will be able to use to run errands during their work days as part of a car-sharing program.

Here’s some video from Google about the program:

Google’s has four Priuses: two standard hybrids and two plug-in hybrids. They have them outfitted with vehicle sensors so that you can see day to day how each one is doing in various types of driving conditions. So far the plug-in hybrid models are getting 73.6 MPG, compared to 40.9 MPG for the hybrid models (both numbers are averages).


Via ITWorld and NYT

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  1. THANK YOU GOOGLE!!! I love Google so much for this, they are doing so much to improve our lives and the future with this.

    We should all focus on the root of so much evil which is Oil and Coal and Ethonal… Focus on it like a laser beam- coal and oil companies must die (so must ethonal and biofuels because they are false solutions even worse than fossil fuels), and these companies will not go away unless we organize and stand up to them. Disassemble BigOil and BigCoal – tell them to take their sick profits and go away.

    Here’s an article that explains how a 10 X 10 mile plot of solar can power the entire US. The cost? $400 billion. After it’s built though, the cost of your energy… well think about it, sunshine is free. Solar grid + electric car. Spread the word. This is the vision.


    We should march on Washington to make this happen because it won’t just happen… Washington is oil and coal, paid off and it will be paid off even more by them so it’s a huge effort to get them to stop. They will drag their feet unless we get serious and organize.

    Please comment! Would anyone join in a march on Washington to show them how serious we are about getting rig of coal and oil NOW and to help them focus on the right directions with solar, wind, water/wave/tide)?


  2. For those looking for more reasons to switch to hybrids or electric vehicles, Sierra Club’s MPG Calculator (http://www.sierraclub.org/mpg/) figures out how much current fuel-saving technology could save car owners – and the environment – based on the year and make of the car and the average cost of a gallon of gas in one’s given area. There are other links for more information and ways to take action towards better fuel efficiency etc., as well.

  3. I think that is the dumbest idea, I’ve heard off !

    Doesn’t google know it is only allowed to stay in one area of business.

    besides what the hell will happen to my 2 billion shares i have in oil ???????

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