$30,000 Electric Car For 2009

by Justin Thomas •


Miles Rubin, founder of Miles Automotive Group, wants to build an all-electric car that costs $30,000. It would be a zero-emissions vehicle with a top speed of 80 miles per hour and a range of 120 miles. Basically, the idea is to have this electric car compete head-to-head with a conventional sedan like the Camry. Rubin’s company already builds low-speed electric cars like the 2007 Miles ZX40S. It’s a four-seat sedan that operates at a top speed of 25 mph with a driving range of 40 to 50 miles on a single charge from regular house current.

There will be challenges bringing the new sedan to market though. Some say that the car will be flimsy and cheap and never live up to its claims. But Rubin said he’ll have 6 prototypes of the XS 500 by the fall, but they still need tinkering to get safety approval from U.S. regulators, plus do additional battery testing.

Via CNN Money and Washington Post.

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  1. Morgan Motors has built what I consider is a prototype electric vehicle. Batteries do not have the energy density vs weight advantages of fuel cells. The Morgan uses a fuel cell providing about 25 KW, which is not sufficient. fuel cell with about 100 KW output, plus YASA motors which drive when using them as motors, then provide regenerative braking charging ultra capacitors, would give plenty of power for any purpose. Computer controls would make an electric vehicle based upon the prototype built by Morgan possible. The Morgan is fuelled by hydrogen, a gas which is used in many industrial processes, so there are the elements of a hydrogen infrastructure. More than 100 years of development have produced the ICE automobile, along with the roads that did not exist in 1886. The amount of resources invested in the ICE automabile could provide us with non-polluting electric cars, trucks, locomotives, ships, boats etc.

  2. throw another one on the pile of “we’ll have cheap electric vehicles that get awesome mileage and performance out soon!”

    the mainstream doesn’t give internal combustion as much credit as it really deserves. what’s been done with it over the decades is truly remarkable and shows have difficult it is to create a better design.

    another thing that isn’t fully comprehended by those that wish ICE’s would go away is how incredible gasoline and fossil fuels are. they are incredibly energy dense and portable in ways that electricity is not. finding a replacement technology or medium will prove the most difficult of all challenges (if at all possible).

  3. Chris,

    Good idea – we removed the photo. It did look a bit “flat”. Images of this car are few and far between.


  4. The front right wheel looks like it is out of air due to the way the photo was cropped. I love the article and just wanted the photo to give off the same feeling, not fall “flat”:)

  5. As much as I want an EV, after seeing the infamous crash test video of the Chery Amulet on YouTube, I’m leaning towards waiting for a Chevy Volt.

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