2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Update

2006 Honda Civic HybridHonda has increased the efficiency of their new Hybrid Civic for 2006, which went on sale recently with a price tag of $21,850.

Honda has improved the fuel economy by about five percent, to get 50 mpg on both EPA city and highway ratings. It looks like the Civic Hybrid and the Prius will get about the same fuel economy in real world driving. Here’s a recent road test report. Also, every Civic Hybrid sold in the United States will have the cleanest emissions standards of any gasoline car on the road.

Honda will be releasing four redesigned Civic models in all — the Civic Si Coupe, Civic Hybrid sedan, Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe. The differences between the models are explained here.

Official Site: Official 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid site

More info: Hybrid Scoop

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