“Biodiesel”: Book Review

Biodiesel BookGreg Pahl has just released a new book about Biodiesel. Pahl is the author of the informative book Natural Home Heating, which we featured previously.

We like biodiesel because it a renewable fuel that can replace conventional diesel worldwide without the need for massive infrastructure change.

Here is a review of the book:

After setting the tone for the book by bringing to light the potential crisis of Peak Oil, Pahl begins to delve into part of the solution as he leads the reader on a great story ride through the life of Rudolf Diesel, to the early pioneers of biodiesel across the European eco-industrial landscape and back to the present day biodiesel industry currently emerging in the U.S. The book is full of personal interviews with key players that brings this rapidly evolving world of agriculture, science and alternative energy to life. Greg Pahl does an excellent job of providing a balanced look at both the possibilities and the social and environmental challenges of drawing increasing amounts of energy from the soil.

Available from: Amazon.

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  1. diesel is plagued by carcinogenic particulates.
    If your injectors are tuned, particulates may be few,
    but why push a technology that relies on an “if”

  2. Biodiesel, the Book.

    Metaefficient tips us off to Greg Pahl’s new book, Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy. Sounds like an interesting read — I’ll be interested to see what biodiesel critics like Kurt say about it.

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