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nbgh.jpgIt’s a lock with a password instead of a number. Because there are only 10 letters per ring, you are limited to a mere 1,000 dictionary words and names, anything from ALIEN and CHILI to SALSA and SARAH. The combination can be reset at any time. Available from Staples for about $6.

Via: Book of Joe

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  1. HI,
    I guess like any lock, if you loose the key, or forget the combination it cannot be opened. But with a Word Password we humans all have a better chance of remembering it than trying to remember 3-17-42. I like the idea of using words or letter combinations, they are so much easier to remember. And this lets me choose from 100,000 letter combinations.
    I really like this product, because I can set it myself to a word I can remember.

  2. If the combination is lost and forgotten, how can it be remembered. Or how can we open it to reset it?

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