New Commuter Bike By Kona


This is a new bike from Kona, called the Ute, to be released in 2008. With a cargo rack as part of its design, it will be one of the few bikes designed with the commuter in mind. The bike also comes with two grocery-style pannier bags that include a raincover. You can also opt to get a four bag version. The plastic deck on the rear is machined from 100% post consumer recycled material. The design is similar to the Xtracycle bike extender. Via Bike Hugger

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  1. what do you mean by “some kind of condition … ??? If you mean exhausted you certainly don’t need to wear for an ignorant superiors or judgmental customers and clients. I go grow organic food 4day a week, all by hand whit out a drop of gasoline. It’s 30 min in bike from home often coming back with 45pound of vegetables in my back, I listen to music and watch the nature ….it seams like it take 5 min. Get it shape damnit! and forget your fucking paper$

  2. Saul,

    I wear my uncomfortable clothing that indicates my rank in society, and live in a hilly city, yet still bike to work. I just use my gears to make sure I’m never working harder than I would if I were walking. Yes I get passed all the time by others, but I get to work sweat-free. I call it bike-walking and it’s wonderfully convienent (it would cost me $13 to park my car, or take an extra 15 minutes to ride the bus), and works everywhere except on especially steep hills (which can usually be solved by finding longer but easier ways up the hill).

    I do change into biking clothes for the ride home, but that’s only because I can use the excersise (I generally take a long way, for even more exercise). But then I have no kids, so perhaps this isn’t for you (though I suppose you could just bike-walk back home as well).

  3. It is an interesting concept and may have a niche beyond what it is intended for but people who travel to work have a few needs that a bike will never meet.

    They need to wear uncomfortable clothing to show respect for ignorant superiors and judgmental customers and clients. Pit stains do not integrate well into this image and changing in the washroom everyday only adds to the general unpleasantness of the work day. They also need to arrive at work unwinded and they want to get home in some kind of condition to do chores and keep up with the kids.

    But then, as a Canadian, I have an intrinsic bias against transportation that puts one in contact with the great outdoors on a daily basis. In some climates (especially ones with flat city streets) this might be a more viable option.

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