Throttle-Free Electric Bike To Be Introduced In 2008


Scheduled for release in early 2008, the iZip Express is an electric bike that will operate without a throttle. Instead, the bike has a special torque sensor that applies power as the rider requires it. Basically, the harder you pedal, the more the motor assists you. Test drivers have said that this automatic drive system is one of the most intuitive they’ve tried. The bike is said to have a 70+ mile range. In the video below, recorded last month at the 2007 AltCar Expo in Santa Monica, Steve Marshall talks about this unique drive system:


The bike is made by Currie Technologies, one of the pioneers in the electric bicycle business. According to EVWorld, the company still needs to work out some technical issues, like the belt slipping when the rider stands up to pedal hard. But company spokepeople say that this problem will be resolved before the bike is released in 2008. The iZip Express will sell for $2000.

Via EVWorld

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  1. I’m going to travel to Japan. are there any of them or anothre one for sale? which address in japan?

  2. This technology is old. My grandfather has had an electric bike like this (no throttle) for 5 years. the 70 mile range is nice, though

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