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  1. These Japanese Tubs are amazing, but in the end it’s more of a design feature and an art piece in your bathroom than just a regular bathtub. And you can bet that the price for one of their tubs is going to be outrageous! But then again you are paying for a hand crafted art piece. Japanese soaking tubs made from the traditional wood would definitely be an cheaper option!

  2. A Note About Pricing:

    As could be expected from items that are hand crafted in Japan, they are not cheap.The wash basins list prices range from $750 to $1600.And the soaking tubs prices start at just under $10,000 and increase based on the size.Please contact us or your local showroom for specific pricing.

  3. You can make a wooden ofuro out of old pine table tops cut and screwed together, sealed with caulk and waterproofed with hot tub sealant.

  4. No doubt soaking is therapeutic, but the prices of mosts tubs are outrageous! It’s just meant to hold some hot water, for goodness sake.

    Fortunately you can use a stock tank, which is just a big, plastic tub used to water livestock. A 2’x2’x5′ is under $200.00 at my local feed store.

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