Marko Travel Toothbrush by Ohso

by Justin Thomas •

This Marko toothbrush by Ohso holds toothpaste in its handle, and dispenses it within its own bristles, making it a self-contained device for travelers. Last year we reviewed the “Clever Toothbrush” which was similar, but it was made out of plastic, and was not very durable. This toothbrush looks better — it’s composed of chrome and rubber, and has a replaceable head which means less waste. It’s available for $29.95 from Amazon.

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  1. It’s gratifying to see people excited about OHSO and I appreciate your posting. I could not be happier with the acceptance we have experienced since launching OHSO a few weeks ago. I also wanted to comment on a few things.

    OHSO is made of a strong polycarbonate for strength, weight, and durability. It is chrome plated for style and distinction. OHSO was designed to be portable, durable, and reliable. With a supply of replaceable bristle heads, your OHSO should last a good long time.

    I also looked at the Clever Toothbrush and applaud their efforts to improve on the oral care industry’s poor showing in travel toothbrushes. One problem with the Clever Toothbrush, however, is it’s a little tricky to load. Also, the plastic is too lightweight to hold up during rigorous adventures. But for the price, the Clever Brush is a good value.

    I love getting feedback from people who have used OHSO. Please feel free to contact us at info@GoOHSO.com with questions and comments.


    Richard B. Trocino

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