Bamboo Fiber Towels

by Justin Thomas •

These towels, are made out of 100% bamboo fiber, which means they are soft as silk. Since they come from the fastest growing plant on earth and there is no fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical treatments involved in producing them, these towels qualify as being metaefficient.

Originally we linked to bamboo towels for sale at Amazon and Mad Mod, but they are now both sold out until 2006. So the only vendor left is Natural Fibers.

Available at Amazon.

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  1. Bamboo towels are of high abrasion proof capacity. Strong durability, stability & tenacity.Bamboo towels are anti-bacterial. It has excellent wet permeability, moisture vapor transmission property.

  2. The bamboo fiber towels are sold on Amazon.com and can be found if you type in bamboo fiber towel in the search box on Amazon’s website. Thanks!

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