A Tofu Bear: Efficient

by Justin Thomas •


It’s a bear made out of tofu, and it feels like cashmere. Most bears are made with synthetic, petroleum-based materials. This one is spun with Soysilk, a by-product of tofu production. The bear has a home page and it’s available from Biltmore World Trade for $39.

Story via Treehugger.

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  1. I contacted the company to return the bears.
    I was told I have to pay for shipping on the defective products and they will only replace the bear not refund my money.

  2. I purchased two tofu bears and was extremely disappointed. I washed one bear and when I took it out of the washer it was torn in four places. I looked at the unwashed bear and the seams were not properly stitched and it was coming apart in two places.
    The website claims the bears are 100% SOYSILK, which they are not. The bears are stuffed with a synthetic filler.

  3. Eco-Friendly Soy Silk Bear

    I didn’t find anything special about this bear, except from the fact that it’s made from a silk called ‘Soy Silk’, and I don’t think it’s do anything to attract kids…but, kids will definitely like this for the simple reason that kids love teddy bears a…

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