Unfolding Prefab: Holl House by Andrew Maynard

Unfolding Prefab HouseAndrew Maynard‘s Holl House starts off as a vertical column, then unlocks into a horizontal network of hinged structures. “How can the housing industry make exciting, well designed and cheap housing?” Maynard asks. “Easy, mimic the car industry.”

“The dimensions of the basic module are dictated by the maximum dimensions available to be transported legally on Australian roads without permits.” The house is then assembled on-site, where “work is minimised to the installation of a steel ‘train track’ footing system allowing the prefabricated modules to simply be slid into place. The prefabricated module is based on a rigid galvanised steel frame with plasterboard internal finish and stained farmed pine external skin.”

See more pictures and info on BLDG BLOG.

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  1. Sounds amazing! Love it! Once people get their living/ food needs down (which is quite easy once more people start addressing it), then we can move out of the dark ages! Life will be an open-source, free-for-all project #1 people are intrinsically good and want to do good for all, instead of the opposite. (mutually beneficial. escalated upward mobility for all). #2 People don’t need someone telling them to wipe their butts after they take a poo. The garbage gets taken out naturally when people are allowed to see what works better. (awareness works! responsibility is fun!) #3 Hoarding will not be a global family value since more people will start realizing “there is enough” (sharing is fun and makes something even more awesome!).

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