The Wave Tower: A Green “Seascraper”

Efficient Green Wave Tower f

Designed for the waterfront in downtown Dubai, this “Wave Tower” will be located right on the water. A large undulating plane creates a bridge to the base of the tower, then folds upwards to create one of the twisting silk-screened glass sides of the structure. The “seascraper” is designed to be a green building. Interior gardens or “sky gardens” will be located in common zones, improving the air quality and working as natural temperature regulators. The silk-screened glass skin will assist with controlling the heat from the sun.

Wave Tower Dubai: Energy Efficient

The tower will contain a water purification plant. It will desalinate and purify the surrounding sea water and then be filtered and allocated for drinking water, landscape maintenance and sewage. The building is also said to boast “state of the art sustainable technologies” to minimize energy consumption and maximize water efficiency.

Section View of Dubai Wave Tower

The tower have 92 floors and be 370 meters when complete. It will be a mixed-use building: it will contain offices, commercial malls and high-end residences. The Wave Tower was designed by the Spanish architectural group A-cero.

Dubai Seascraper: Green Tower

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  1. another proof that architecture has no borders! please tell us more about its foundation & basements.

  2. we are looking to represent or distribute green products for businesses. we are in the research phase and would welcome any input.

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