The Midwest’s First Green Tower


The Roberts Tower, will be the first certified-green high-rise building in the Midwest. It has been designed to achieve a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) Certification by the US Green Building Council. The condos will have bamboo floors, high-efficiency insulated windows and efficient appliances. They will also use geothermal energy for heating and cooling, and a wind turbine could be built on the roof. Overall, the energy consumption will be reduced by 75% and the utility bills for residents will be as low as $30 to $40 a month. The tower’s expected completion date is late 2008 or early 2009.

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  1. Is this a joke? This is FAR from being the first LEED highrise in the Midwest. You might want to do a little research on any number of LEED projects in Chicago before you post such blatant misinformation.

    (See “340 on the Park” for perfect example)

  2. A LEED certified tower is definitely cool, but you might want to check out the new Grand Rapids Art Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s the world’s first LEED certified art museum.

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