Portable Summer Cabins

Yurt Interior

Mobility during the summer can be important. You may need to take that
certain someone to a cabin for a month by the dunes. These portable summer
cabins let you experience the outdoors in a comfortable, modern interior.
They have large windows and an acrylic dome skylight that allows plenty of
light inside.

The cabins, made by Pacific
, have minimal impact on the surrounding soils and, though durable,
can be removed without a trace. The architecture is a modern adaptation
of the ancient shelter used by Central Asian nomads.

Summer Cabin  Interior

The cost ranges from $4000-10000, depending on the options you choose. For
heating in colder seasons, add a stove and insulated walls. Hook it up with
a renewable energy system and the scene is complete.

Yurts: Portable Shelter, Cabin, Tent


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  2. Yes, I have the same problem with yurt and dome manufacturers. I’m sure there is someone out there who doesn’t make use of a lot of PVC.

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