Nightclub Illuminated With 100% LED Light


The Barcode nightclub was built in a disused brick Victorian railway arch in Vauxhall, south London. The entire nightclub is illuminated using only LED lights, and the sound system is also energy efficient. The architect, Woods Bagot claims that the system consumes “less electricity than the power used to boil a kettle”. If they could just give a watt hour figure I’d be happier! Still, this is a interesting example of all-LED lighting in a building, which I’m sure we’ll see more in the coming years. Because the LEDs give off very little heat, much less AC is required to cool the building in summer. See more pictures over the fold.





Via: World Architecture News

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  3. As an lighting designer/programmer/technician that has used these types of lights (of which manufacturer is NOT mentioned)…I can assure that the LEDs in this club are NOT under 2400 watts (a single 20 amp circuit). However, it would be extremely power efficient…and less heat definitely. The moving lights however do NOT look to be LED powered…as there are NOT very many quality LED profile (versus wash) lights on the market…as of yet. It’s difficult to focus their beams very sharp and tight to project effects and gobos (patterns/templates).

  4. I just want to know where is this club exactly??? …. I need a good F@#$ing club to go to…. Anyone????

  5. Watts per hour is like saying horsepower per hour- it doesn’t make sense (unit mismatch). A watt is a joule per second, if I recall, so the rate, or ‘per-time-unit’ is already factored in. But to answer the science-illiterate eco-blogger- an electric (standard resistance element) range that might be used to boil a kettle might consume 1500 watts. So in an hour, that would be [drum roll]….. 1500 watt hours, or 1.5 KWH (Kilowatt hours, a more common unit seen on your electric bill). (Of course, all eco-bloggers know that electric resistance heating is terribly inefficient….. but I ramble) I agree with asdf- If I see one more “watts per hour” I think I’m going to scream.

  6. > “If they could just give a watts per hour figure I’d be happier!”
    Another science-illiterate eco-blogger?

  7. Hi
    I am in the process of publishing a book on sustainable architecture and building in New Zealand. I would like to use the roof picture of this project (people installing PV panels) to illustrate a chapter. Would you be able to give me permission to do this and, if not, can you please let me know who to ask?
    Thanks for your help,

  8. I always found leds to be a rather sterile sort of light, good for a factory but not the best for comfort? Still good sentiment.

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