First Japanese Solar Powered Condo


This condo complex, called the Grandia Solare, is said to be the first of its kind in Japan. Each apartment gets 1530 watts of solar power from the building’s roof. Apparently the solar cells are owned by a third-party, so the upfront cost of the panels was not passed on to the condo’s residents. The condo also has a number of other green features, but my Japanese is little rusty, so I will not attempt a translation. Here is the condo web site in Japanese only: Grandia Solare.

Via: TreeHugger

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  1. I wonder if solar paneled roofs would hold up to baseball sized hail damage like we sometimes get here in charlotte nc. I’d like to get into the solar roofing side of things but I’m afraid it may not be cost effective for the general population yet.

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