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wired_livinghome green prefab

Wired Magazine has teamed up with LivingHomes to create an efficient green house called the WIRED LivingHome. LivingHomes is already known for designing cutting-edge, modern green homes. The 4057 square foot house will have a 4 kilowatt solar power system and be outfitted with efficient appliances. Green building materials will be used throughout. It will be located in the modernist home community of Los Angeles called Crestwood Hills, and finished by Fall 2007. The LivingHome is designed to attain at least a Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED for Homes Program.

The plan is to deconstruct rather than demolish the property’s existing house, reducing the amount of building materials sent to the landfill.

Working with The Reuse People, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to keeping usable building materials out of landfills, interior materials will be sent to the Habitat for Humanity Store for re-use, while the framing is being transported to Mexico where it will be used for low-income construction. On average, a minimum of 75% of all materials will be reused and repurposed.

Web site: WIRED LivingHome

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  1. Is it really green to have a 4000+s.f. single family home? I guess the affluent people are going to have big wasteful homes anyways, so why not make them as “green” as possible I suppose…

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