Dockside Green: A “Closed-Loop” Green Community


The city of Victoria in British Columbia has many cutting-edge green buildings and developments in the works. One of the more ambitious projects is Dockside Green, which is an entire green community to be built along Victoria’s upper harbor. Comprised of 26 buildings on 15 acres, the project will include 1000 apartments, condos and townhouses, in addition to over half a million square feet of commercial and retail space. If all goes to plan, will be the “greenest” development of its kind in North America — it is slated to be the first LEED platinum-rated development.


The designers say Dockside Green will have a closed-loop design, so it will function as “a largely self-sufficient, sustainable community where waste from one area will provide fuel for another”.

The development will showcase a variety of sustainable innovations including biomass energy co-generation, on-site stormwater and sewage treatment. For transport there will be a dock to access a ferry service that goes to downtown, and a vehicle co-op will be available to residents (Smart Cars and hybrids only).

Also interesting is the project’s water management system. All sewage will be treated on-site and reused in toilets and irrigation, saving nearly 70 million gallons of water each year (roughly 60 percent less water usage than traditional developments). Moreover, stormwater will be captured by green roofs, cisterns, bioswales and bio-filtration and channeled to a man-made stream running through the middle of the property .



Link: Dockside Green

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