City Of Green Rings To Be Built In Korea

Gwanggyo City Centre By MVRDV: A Green City

A Dutch architecture group MVRDV have won a competition to design a city center for Gwanggyo, a new city which could be built south of Seoul, Korea. The town is planned to be a self-sufficient city of 77,000 inhabitants.

The architects say that all the elements of the city centre will be design as rings, and “by pushing these rings outwards, every part of the program receives a terrace for outdoor life.”

Gwanggyo City Center: Green Terraces and Buildings

Box hedges will be planted on the terraces and roofs of the buildings. The intention is to improve ventilation, and reduce energy and water usage.

The shifting of the floors causes as a counter effect hollow cores that form large atriums. They serve as lobbies for the housing and offices, plazas for the shopping center and halls for the museum and leisure functions. In each tower a number of voids connect to the atrium providing for light and ventilation and creating semi-public spaces.

Gwanggyo City Center

Gwanggyo Power Center

Via: Dezeen

16 thoughts on “City Of Green Rings To Be Built In Korea”

  1. May be good, may be bad. It largely depends on who moves in, and how well the fabric of the buildings is maintained.

    Bit phallic though.

  2. What a truly amazing building complex. If only more architects took risks and cared equally about form as much as function. We should all be demanding our architects stop building cheap boxes for us to live in, and design buildings that we can truly “live” in!

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  3. This looks amazing!. I love Korea and love the many attractions there, including the palaces. It would be awesome to see an architectural landmark like this built!

    I used to do business in Seoul regularly. What amazing place to be able to build a business.

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  4. I think this looks wicked. Notice the lack of bill boards. In reality this place would be saturated with ugly advertising. Fact.

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