Book Review: The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes

The Beauty of Straw BaleStraw bales are a renewable resource, and they are becoming a widely used construction material in some parts of the U.S. Many localities have specific codes for strawbale construction, and some banks are willing to lend on this technique. Bale walls can be erected quickly, even by amatuer builders.

This book, The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes, is lavishly illustrated, and shows that straw bale houses can take on a large variety of forms, including very modern looking interiors or traditional, rustic styles.

One enthusiastic reader says:

I have been very interested in building a straw bale house for a few years now, but the thing I’ve lamented most was the lack of pictures! There are pictures out there that show exteriors, walls in the process of being built, and small individual wall shots, but I wanted to see larger “whole room” pictures. I wanted to see the different types of interiors that could be accomplished – I’m not a very rustic person, so could a straw bale house be made to look a little more refined than than in most of the pictures I’d seen? The answer is YES! The gorgeous pictures in this small (but wonderful) book show many different design possibilities, ranging from bale walls simply (but minimally) plastered, to bale walls barely looking like they are made of straw at all.

Available from Amazon: The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes

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  1. I agree – fantastic book! We’ve just purchased land in Southern Colorado, and plan to build a straw bale main and guest house. This was a great visualization book, and also helped us to explain/demonstrate to family and friends a concept many still find too abstract.

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