Aquarius Tower To Integrate Wind Turbines, Solar Cells


The Aquarius Tower will have wind turbines and a solar roof cleverly incorporated into its design. It will become one of the few buildings in the U.S. to incorporate such energy generating features. The tower is a proposed 38-story, 240,000-square-foot condominium complex that will be located across from the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta. It will also feature a robotic parking system similar to automated systems found in Asia. The tower designers say this will reduce pollution generated by driving in and out of a conventional parking garage.


Aquarius will also include sustainable features throughout the project and will utilize recycled building materials and thermally efficient products. However, the apartment interiors don’t seem particularly green in their construction.

I couldn’t find any data on how much energy will be produced by the tower.

Construction is slated to begin this summer and be completed by fall 2009. The tower was designed by PFVS Architects.

More information on the tower can be found in this article.

Found via Skyscraper Forum

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  1. I am an elementary school teacher in Charles County, Maryland. I, along with many other teachers in the county have been trying to get our School System to turn towards more efficient uses of power. I thinl that these ideas are wonderful.

    I also am looking into building an earth sheltered home. The sad thing is, it is almost impossible to get a building permit in our county for these types of buildings. The people in charge of permits don’t even know what I am talking about when I mention this to them.

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