3 Megawatt Solar Roof: The Largest In Europe


PGIGrup, a company in Spain, is building the largest solar roof in Europe, for the Telefonica Business Park Complex in Madrid. The park will have over 16,600 photovoltaic solar panels that will run the length of the entire office complex on the building rooftops.


At over a kilometer in length, the rooftop will have an area of over 57,000 square meters, of which 21,000 will be occupied by solar panels. The power installed will be of approximately 3 MW peak, which will generate over 3.6 GWh per year.

It is predicted that this design will enable it to save 15% on climate conditioning in winter, and 34% in summer, as well as saving on lighting. The facade of the office blocks is a double skin, where the external glass is hung out from staggered glass fins.

The project involves an investment of 21.8 million euros.



Found via Technology For Life

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  1. no. no no no. we really need to preserve the old beauty of spain! the whole world is going to look like this and the original spainard buildings dont do anything to the enviroment anyways!

    if this doesnt make any sense- dont judge me. im 11 years old.

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