275 Homes With Solar Tiles Opened


One of the nation’s biggest home builders, Lennar Homes, has announced the completion of 275 solar powered homes in Windemere community of San Ramon (near San Francisco). The homes will be powered by solar tiles integrated into their roofs. The tiles are PowerLight “Sun Tiles” made by a company called SunPower. In its promotional video and related materials, SunPower boasts that homeowners will experience savings of 40% to 50% on their energy bills as a result of installing its solar tiles.


The company also notes that homes such as those in the Milano community employ a variety of energy-saving technologies. These include double-pane windows, high-performance insulation, low-wattage lighting systems and other features.

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  1. I wonder why they don’t make homes with *black tile roofs* so you can’t tell what part of the roof is solar panels and part is just black tile roofing.

    It seems the uniformity and consistency would make a house like that more aesthetically pleasing.

    Perhaps the roof would absorb too much heat if it was all black…

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