Gorilla Glue: A Solvent-Free Glue

Gorilla Glue is a non-toxic, solvent-free polyurethane glue. Natural glues like white glues (e.g. Elmer’s glue) or mastic are optimal, but this glue is much less toxic than most. It works well on wood, but it’s not as specific as most wood adhesives. It bonds pretty well on metals, stone, ceramics, and many plastics. It is waterproof, meaning it doesn’t break down when wet, and doesn’t expand or contract with temperature.

You do have to clamp stuff in place for a while while it dries, which you should do with any glue. If you glue infrequently, it is nice that Gorilla Glue has a long shelf life — three years as opposed to one, as with many other polyurethane glues. It’s available from: Amazon ($13 for 8 0z), and most hardware stores. Review via Cool Tools.

5 thoughts on “Gorilla Glue: A Solvent-Free Glue”

  1. Perhaps try Silicone lubricant spray..it words for gel silicone to remove. Follow up with dish washing liquid and water.

    Also, many things can be dissolved with a barber shop lubricant/disinfectant H20 or something like that. I use it every day and should know the name,,,it is a pleasant smelling clear blue oil that removes things I have never believed possible.

  2. Just a caution about this….my veterinarian had a dog-patient who had eaten a very tiny amount of this glue & it swelled up very large in the dog’s intestines. Surgery was necessary to remove it. He phoned Gorilla Glue to ask that they add a “caution” statement to the bottle. We assume it does the same in a human’s body. At the time of purchase, no cautionary statement was on the label.

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